Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Build Community Connections

"Connect, Create, Collaborate: Think Locally, Act Locally" is an insightful blog about how important it is as a librarian to make connections with other librarians in the community.  There are many places to look at, rather than just the local public school.  As Gretchen Kolderup showed in the blog, there is the local boys and girls club, the private schools, and detention centers.  These are some I never even considered. 

Anywhere that kids and teens may be or hang out, try to make a connection with that place/lead person. 

Also, if you are relatively new to the position, be patient.  It takes time to build connections, but I'm sure it will eventually happen.

Read this blog.  I'm sure her experience is something that many of us will face, or have faced at one time or another.

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